Very Velvet

Hello Monday!

If you know me then you know I have always loved Monday’s. Last week, I talked about how fresh starts invigorate me. Well I feel that way about a new week and a new Dior word.


When velvet came back “in” honestly I wasn’t certain I was here for that trend. Maybe I thought too hard about it but I’m glad I came around to fully embracing this luxe fabric. And clearly Dior was a pretty big fan. Now, you aren’t seeing things trimmed in velvet per say, it’s larger garments in today’s fashion. One thing he was right about though, was the jewel tones. Yes please! I also have a velvet green two piece outfit that I’m in love with. I’m also touching on “old rules”. Like no velvet after March 1st and no white pants after Labor Day. Well, I happen to agree with those. I know that isn’t “trendy” but you won’t see me wearing white pants until Memorial Day. The way I see it, those rules were created by The Greats and I’m sticking with it.


So again, Happy Monday! Look at it as a fresh start instead of dreading it. Or maybe just make your coffee a little stronger? Either way, I hope you all have a great day!