Fall Fashion 2016

Fall Fashion!!

It's the absolute best time of the year! I can hardly contain myself!! I've been shopping since July!! Every Fall since I've started blogging I do a Fall Fashion Shopping List with all of the must have pieces that I love. Last year when I posted my list a had a few requests to make the post sooner. So here we go! It's earlier and anything but fast! Because we're talking Fall Fashion and I'll happily take my time.

Shades Of Tan

From pants, skirts, shirts, and vests this popular fall/winter color is back and chicer than ever! The best part is you can't mess it up! It matches anything!

Chunky Heels

At first I was a smidge skeptical because this is a little 90's for me but after I found these beauties I was completely in love. Plus, they are a more comfortable heel.

Shimmery Metallic

Especially Gold! This is another great trend because the gold is so neutral you really can pair it with anything. Also embellished clutches have been all over the runways!

Mini Fall Florals

It isn't every fall that you see designers playing with florals but this season we sure did! It has a 70's cool girl vibe and I love it! The prints are small which is also a unique take on it.  Another trend that is here to stay is a vest. Adding a vest really takes an outfit to the next level.

All Over Print's

Print's print's and more print's!! Don't be afraid to get loud this season! Prints from head to toe are the way to go. Try experimenting with different types of prints. You'll know what you love and what you hate. Throwing in another trend here, wide legged cropped pants.

Cross Body Fur Stoles

This is funny because it was on my list last year! Apparently designers have hung on to this and I am ALL for it! I'm combining two trends here. Statement Color Furs are also huge right now. I'm loving the blue!  Another trend worthy topic is leopard. I'll tell you right now, in or not, I'll always adore leopard!


I for one am SO glad this has returned! I think it is such a beautiful and elegant look!

A Longer Line

When I was in middle school, long "dusters" were in and I looooved them. I vividly remember when they weren't "in" any longer and I kept thinking to myself that I couldn't wait when they came back around. Well here we are 15+ years later and a version is back! Also Emerald Green is returning from last year and I'm ok with that because, duh, favorite color!

Balloon Sleeves

These are adding an element of intrigue to the runways this fall. They puff out at the biceps. Its a fun and different look!

And as always get yourself a fabulous fall hat!

Keep in mind that these are just my fall favorites. There are many more styles out there this season.

I'm so looking forward to this upcoming season! But don't get me wrong I'll be enjoying the rest of this glorious summer.

Enjoy your Sunday! I hope it starts with a cup of hot coffee and ends with a glass of vino.