Time For A Dip?

Into the blue that is! "Snorkel Blue" is today's topic.

I love this color so much that I used it as an accent color for my wedding. I wore blue shoes that day and also today! Obviously I love all things fashion but my favorite are shoes! I find that sometimes people can be intimidated on wearing a bright shoe. Don't be! They actually go with almost anything.

 Here are two Fast Tips for this outfit. First, the heels. I wear heels just about every day. Often times I'm in them all day either shooting a wedding or working at the jewelry store then heading to another engagement. If you change into another pair of heels half way through it can make all the difference. Next, this is a great and quick go to outfit. It's an easy way to style a graphic tee.

The shoes are of course JustFab. 

The shoes are of course JustFab. 

Don't forget to chase your dreams today...in high heels of course!

xoxo Happy Tuesday!