Anything But The Blues

Happy Friday Everyone!!

We made it to the weekend! This is the second weekend that I'm not shooting a wedding so I get two days off!

Today I'm talking beauty and booze since it is after all my Martini Moment. I keep noticing that blue eye colors are back. This would be an easy trend to mess up that's for sure. So how do you know what your shade of blue is? It's all about the eye color! I've made a quick how to blue guide:

Brown Eyes: You lucky ladies can wear any blue you want because any shade compliments brown. 

Blue Eyes: Stay dark like a midnight blue

Green Eyes: Stick with turquoise

Hazel: Bright blue!

Fast Tip: You don't have to get crazy, if you want to try this trend out just wet a thin makeup brush and line your top lid with your chosen blue. Plus, it's Halloween weekend so there no better weekend than to play with some fun eye makeup!

In the spirit of it being Halloween on Monday I'm sharing a very fun and very delicious martini.

Have a super fun weekend!