Some of you may know this story and some of you may not. Either way, I'm taking you through my day five years ago.

It was just another Tuesday and NO ONE I knew was speaking to me except my future sister-in-law, Liz. I had probably sent out at least five texts to my friends/relatives with no response. I was like wow these people that I talk to all the time are obviously busy. Then, my Sister Sarah asks if she could come over to borrow a scarf and earrings for an event she had later. Now this sister of mine has one of the best poker faces I've ever seen and she stood in my kitchen listening to a dream I had about getting married the night before. She didn't miss a beat, nodded, and listened, picked out her scarf, and left.

Meanwhile, MK had been in Arizona for the Steeler game and had told me we were going to a nice dinner that night. He said he wanted to do it on Tuesday since it was my day off and he knew I liked to "primp". All day goes by and still no one is returning my texts. So I'm going back and forth with Liz about what I was going to wear etc.

MK had said to be ready by a certain time and I was believe me I'm very prompt. He had called to say he was running late but to iron him a suit. I head upstairs and I do just that. Still waiting. Then I hear a knock at the door and to my surprise it was a random man. I'm contemplating whether or not to open the door. I throw caution to the wind, open the door and greet the man. It's a gentleman named "Mick" who would become a major part of our entire wedding story. He says MK would like for him to bring me down town for dinner in his limo (he had a bigger one at home, watch the video haha!) I was so taken aback by this that the only thing I remember was lip gloss in my clutch. No phone (to you know call for help in case this was an elaborate hoax to serial kill me) nothing, just lip gloss. Into the limo I went.

I've gotten the question before of "how didn't you know?". Well, MK has a habit of doing special things when he is out of town so I assumed the limo to dinner was the "special thing".

The limo pulled up outside of the beautiful State Theater. I wasn't completely sure what was happening until I saw MK's brother from Texas with his very large video camera and seconds later heard "Marry Me" playing via The Jason Kendall Band. That's where MK met me to ask if I'd marry him.

I don't know who was shaking more but it was a magical moment. He announces that I've said yes and to my absolute shock, our entire family and friends were in the balcony. Even my Aunt/Godmom made the trip in from Florida. 

He has never stopped bring magic to my life. 

I was so honored and thrilled that all of these amazing people showed up to be a part of our day.

Thanks for stop by! Have a great Tuesday!