Whiskey and Wine

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! 

If it's one thing that MK do well together it's home renovation. When we bought our house we sure did know that this basement of ours was not going to stay oh so patriotic. It's split into two sections and we knew we wanted to make one side a bar (the other a movie theater, plans have since changed to a play area, ha!). 

We started this project in early March and down came the massive amounts of wallpaper. We also thought that maybe the bright red floor didn't quite match our style. 

From the start, we knew we didn't want a "sports themed bar" so we took our two passions Whiskey and Wine and decided to use that as our inspiration. The first step was stoning the walls which gave it a wine cellar feel. A fun fact about this stone and plaster paint is that we took it from our old house. We loved both so much we used them again. 

These are photos we took from our trip on the Bourbon Trail. Also this is the first photo of me pregnant, we had no idea! 

As you can see MK is quite the collector of Bourbon. He created a custom shelf to house all of his unique whiskeys. We also came up with the idea to do a cork wall. MK glued every cork by hand, it was quite the project. We will be adding a 400 bottle wine rack in front of it soon. You know, since I'll be able to have a glass or two in the near future.

How about this bathroom! That star spangled sink is custom done and while we appreciate the effort it wasn't for us. So we freshened it up with paint, a new light, sink and mirror. Even the soap dispenser is bourbon themed. 

Yes it's true I have yet to have a drink in my own bar. This was supposed to be our "Summer Project" but when we found out the news about Baby K this got expedited so we could move on to the nursery. Photos of that renovation to follow after our sweet boy is here.

Have a great day everyone! I hope it finds you with a drink in your hand!



Drinks and Ice

Happy Friday! Welcome to my Martini Moment! 

Today I'm talking easy holiday DIY decor and the perfect Christmas martini!  

Let's get the drink recipe out of the way so we can have something to sip the rest of this post shall we? 

1 cup chocolate milk

1 oz chocolate liqueur  

1/2 oz peppermint liqueur

Add everything in a shaker with ice and simply pour.

For the rim: rim the glass with chocolate syrup and roll in crushed candy canes

Fast Tip: To make this drink hot, just swap the milk for hot cocoa!  

Now, not only is this DIY fast, easy, and chic it's also inexpensive. All you need is a glue gun, clear color fill, and either branches from outside or picked up at the craft store. And maybe some candles. Get as creative as you want! All you do is glue the branches and roll in the color fill. It makes for chic icy décor, also it's colorless so it can go in just about any room. If you're feeling froggy add some pine. I have an abundance in my back yard so I thought why not?

Cheers to you and cheers to the weekend!