Make It Sparkle

Normally I'm not a "TGIF" kind of person but TGIF!!!

To say the least this week has been totally ridiculous! With a boudoir shoot just about everyday and dance photos every night I don't even know where I am right now! It would be an understatement to say that I need a drink!   

I love a fun and glam DIY. I love being able to look at something and say I did that, I made it something pretty. Having worked in jewelry I appreciate the high end pieces but sometimes costume jewelry is so much fun. While strolling through Hobby Lobby I saw this cuff and immediately thought how fun it would be to make it sparkle. I chose colors that will go with everything. Here is all you need to customize your arm candy:


-Chosen bling

-Glue E6000 (it's important you use this one) 

-Now on to the cocktail! Notice a deep purple trend?

Now on to this delicious drink! 

Add vodka, Triple Sec, juice, lime and shake!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!


Drinks and Ice

Happy Friday! Welcome to my Martini Moment! 

Today I'm talking easy holiday DIY decor and the perfect Christmas martini!  

Let's get the drink recipe out of the way so we can have something to sip the rest of this post shall we? 

1 cup chocolate milk

1 oz chocolate liqueur  

1/2 oz peppermint liqueur

Add everything in a shaker with ice and simply pour.

For the rim: rim the glass with chocolate syrup and roll in crushed candy canes

Fast Tip: To make this drink hot, just swap the milk for hot cocoa!  

Now, not only is this DIY fast, easy, and chic it's also inexpensive. All you need is a glue gun, clear color fill, and either branches from outside or picked up at the craft store. And maybe some candles. Get as creative as you want! All you do is glue the branches and roll in the color fill. It makes for chic icy décor, also it's colorless so it can go in just about any room. If you're feeling froggy add some pine. I have an abundance in my back yard so I thought why not?

Cheers to you and cheers to the weekend!