Glam In Gloves

As I dive right into this post, I have to first start off by saying I absolutely long for the days of ladies not leaving the house without their hat and gloves. Such an amazing moment in not just fashion, but history as well. Sadly as the generations have progressed, it seems so many have gotten away from putting themselves together in public. I’m talking to you lady in tweedy bird pjs grocery shopping.

Isn’t it funny to think of a time when a glove could be too fancy?


I’ve long had a love affair with gloves. Nowadays, we use them mostly for winter only. I thought I would share a few of my favorite moments wearing gloves. I agree very much with Dior on the long gloves and chose to wear them on my wedding day. Don’t worry my Mom and I cut a slit so we would exchange rings on the alter. Haha!


These longer black gloves have been my favorite for a long time. I’ve taken them all over Europe, and they are so warm while still looking chic. Linking a similar pair below!

It was very chilly when we were in Amsterdam and yet again, these gloves saved me!


When we were in Rome, one of my top five things I needed to do there was buy a pair of colorful gloves. This was instructed by Kate Spade a something to do in Rome. Well I found this totally amazing glove shop! I wish I could have bought them all! Of course I went with green.


It’s cold out there today! Better grab your favorite pair of gloves!


The Final Touch

Happy Monday!

I must say, last week was HARD. But, as always I’m excited for a new week and new possibilities.

On this Monday, I’m talking about one of my favorite things…scarves!! Don’t believe me? Check out the photo below.


A few years back I did a post about scarves and my love for them hasnt changed. 


I think Dior got it right on this one and everything he says is still true to this day. It really is the final touch of an outfit and is absolutely so personal! I think that it can really make for a much more polished look and complete your appearance.


I hope you guys have some seriously hot coffee today on this freezing day (4 degrees here) and hey, maybe grab a scarf to stay warm.


Make It Your Own

Last month my work had a huge summer event. Well I love a good party and had to find the perfect dress for it. It didn't take me long, I immediately fell in love with this Kate Spade dress. When I bought it I knew it would need something...

Jewelry: Joyce's Fine Jewelry Dress: Kate Spade Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Jewelry: Joyce's Fine Jewelry
Dress: Kate Spade
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Clearly this dress needed a belt of some sort. The bow really added cute to the look. Also we added black motif's to the top. It's all in the details. Here MK and I are on the Joyce's Red Carpet (Contemporary Photography took photos for the event).