Fashion Spotlight

Sassy Slogans & Red Hot Heels

Happy Monday!

Now I know most of you are not a fan of this day however there isn't too much we can do about it so let's make it a good one...with some very strong coffee of course. 

There are a few trends that I'm totally loving right now. Graphic sweatshirts and red shoes. Before I go any further, trend or not I'm on board with both of these all the time. But, a lot of times I want to be comfortable or now a days don't have much time to change.  

I'm sure you've seen the many, many Instagram accounts with the sassy slogan sweatshirts.  I can't help but love a snappy worded shirt. My favorite Insta account is "Coffee In The Shower" (something I've been known to do as well, haha.) I've followed them forever and have a couple of their sweatshirts. This one is my newest. Who doesn't love champagne for breakfast? I feel like it's an old way of thinking that sweats are only for lounging so here is a way to elevate your slogan sweats so that you can feel free to wear it wherever your feet may take you.

Even though I've got spring fashion on the brain, we've still got a couple more months of winter and what a better way to warm up than with some red hot heels? These fab booties are of course from JustFab and I'm obsessed! It takes your casual look up a couple notches! Add leopard and champagne and you're in business!   


It's Monday, we're tired. So here is to hoping that your Monday is good and your coffee (or champagne) is very very strong.  


I'll Toast To This...

And The Color Of The Year Is... Marsala!

This rich red brown color is already bringing flavor to 2015. A great thing about this color is that it's bold but not too in your face. So you can use it as a natural and pair it with a Navy, Black, or Tan. You also have the option of putting it with a complimentary color like Mustard.

I'm big on accents too, so swipe this vino tinted color on your lips and nails for some added pop. This shade of lipstick actually enhances the skins natural colors. It will look fabulous on any skin tone!

So here's to 2015! I can't wait to see what it brings.



DK's Style Hut

We love shopping local and supporting small companies and even thought DK's Style hut is not in PA, Marathon FL is our second home and we just love the owners! Finding perfect boutique shops is hard, but when you finally find ones that click with you they are like a gold mine of great finds. You have probably heard me talking about DK's Style Hut some way or another be it on my Instagram, Facebook, or here. Well what better a day to tell you all about it than the one year anniversary of this fabulous place?

Meet Donna and Mia, the owners of this amazing shop, they work so hard and travel the country to get the latest trends and the best designs in their store for their customers. They are your personal fashion consultants and they even treat their guest to champagne while you browse their wonderful store.

In my last post "So Much Good" I raved about these jeans. Denim can be tricky as it can be hard to find the perfect pair for your shape and style. I was in awe when I put these on! I just couldn't believe how soft they were for being jeans! It has now become a challenge to put a different pair on.

Truly there is something for everyone here! From bangles to beads even home décor. Local artist Cornelia Hoover creates just the most beautiful pieces for your home made from copper and colored sea glass. I am lucky enough to own a piece myself. See her art here:

These tanks, again with the softness! I wear one to the gym every morning. They are such a good quality that makes them so versatile be it the gym, running errand's, under a different shirt for just the right pop of color, or whatever you choose these are a must have!

Speaking of being versatile, these Papyrus clutches are just that. I've seen them used as a makeup travel bag and others like me use it as a clutch. It is just the right size for me to toss in my wallet, phone and a couple other things and I am good to go; and the tassel just adds that extra flare.

Another one of Mia's passions is completely redoing furniture. She has a true gift as she take a piece from looking like nothing and making it look amazing;  like a million bucks! This awesome chair is one of the many pieces.

A huge thank you to Donna and Mia for making me feel so at home here at DK's style hut. You two are an absolute inspiration!

Be sure to like their Facebook page & check out their website; don't forget they ship everywhere (and ground shipping is free)! Christmas is just around the corner.


DK's Style Hut
8347 Overseas Hwy.
Marathon, FL

Phone: (305) 440-2738