The Skirt of the Summer

Hello Tuesday!

I don’t know about you but I sure could use a do over from yesterday. Between a not sleeping Theo Sunday night and growing a human it was a very unproductive Monday for me.  So today...I do all the things.

Glamour, Huff Post, The Cut, even The Zoe Report have made pretty clear that the leopard midi is the skirt of the summer I thought it would be a perfect time to do “Skirts” for the Dior Dictionary Word this week.  


I always think how interesting it is to look at how most people looked at fashion back in 1954 when Dior wrote this book. I feel fashion has become far more relaxed and while I usually don’t agree with that, this time I really don’t agree with how strict this sounds when wearing a skirt. If you love a skirt and feel good in it then girl, wear it!  


One thing that I just love that Dior says is that “Like everything is fashion your clothes must always give you the feeling that they are easy to wear.”  I think this is the big take away here and that is something that will never get outdated. You have to feel good in what you’re wearing and it should feel effortless. While it’s very true this skirt won’t fit me much longer it was the perfect thing to wear while running errands with MK. 


I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday thats productive, short, and ends with a glass of vino.