All Dressed Up

Your salad that is! It's true that I post some deliciously decadent recipes but for the most part I'm a really healthy eater. I live for a good salad and eat a ton of them through the week. A lot of times a fatty, high calorie salad dressing will ruin your diet or just plans of eating healthy. Lately, I've been making my own low calorie dressings. They are so good and don't have any unnessesary junk in them. All of these are super fast. Which I need with an almost six month old. Anything that's easy and fast I'm on board. I got some mason jars at the dollar store that you can throw the ingredients in and just shake. 


Here are three of my current favorite low calorie salad dressings: 


My favorite? Honey Mustard! Yum!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!