Improving Your Own Style

Hello and Happy Monday!

I'm starting this week with some serious ways to improve the style you already have.  Before I say this let me first say that each persons style is their own and if you love it then that is simply that. But here are five fashion tips that could help you elevate your current style. 

1. You're dressed head to toe in all the current trends. It's just too much. Pick a favorite trend and only wear that. For example, I've always loved bee's but thanks to Gucci they are everywhere! And my Steve Madden flats are my go to shoe at the moment but they make a pretty big statement. So when I wear them I tone down everything else. 

2. Pick an era you love and emulate it. I love a more edgy glam look myself so I've always been drawn to the Gatsby Era and the 50's when people actually cared about what they looked like. Again with the over doing it, I know someone who just loves the 60's and why wouldn't you? It was an amazing time. But she'll wear a birdcage on her head every day. It's a bit much. Blend your right now style with the era you love. 

3. Don't panic shop. This was a lesson I absolutely learned the hard way. You've got an event coming up but you put off getting something to wear until the last minute and before you know it you're sweaty in a dressing room hating everything or paying $35 for overnight shipping on something you aren't even sure about. The fix? Shop all the time! Kidding. I can see my MK cringing reading that. So maybe not all the time but always stay on the lookout for a great dress that you love, or amazing pieces that you know you can make a great look out of. 

4. Only wear things you love. I've purchased things that I thought could work you know if I put it with this or that. I didn't love the fabric but it could work. Turns out not so much. I never wear those pieces because I didn't love them. Buy what you truly love. Your wallet and closet space will thank you. 

5. Wear things over again. This is something that I really had to work on myself. I have an off white coat that I deeply love and wear it all the time. Its a huge cold weather staple for me. From helicopter dates, exploring Paris, or just a night out. Learn to love your staples!


So I pray your coffee is really hot but not too hot and your day goes smoothly.