Theo's Garderie

It's French for nursery! MK decided that he hated the word nursery so we renamed it. Ha! I'm so excited to finally share Theo's room with you! One of my favorite things in the world is do home renovations with MK. When we bought our house it felt like a blank canvas (even with some very 90's decor up in here it was anything but blank). When we found out we were haing a boy we immediately bought our crib which is basically what we designed his room around. But first thing was first. Blow out the ceiling of course. With the help of my Dad, he and MK took out the ceiling and made it cathedral.  


It was so amazing to watch the transformation of this room. And the love that went into making it the room that it is makes my heart so full. Making the ceiling cathedral not only gave the room a bigger feel it also made my desire to have a chandelier a reality. So thank you a million times over to my Dad and MK for such hard work. 


We chose the paint, and floor in record time because we just fell in love with this color scheme. MK and I have always been huge fans of textured paint and this beautiful grey was right up our alley. We always do projects together and I was so sad to not be able to help with the painting but I'll say he did a fine job. 


This centerpiece to the Garderie is very special to me because about seven years ago way before being a mom or even a wife I loved "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan and always thought to myself that if I ever designed a nursery these lyrics would hang about the crib. After playing the song for MK he loved it too and created this canvas. He's got many talents folks. 


When my Mom was pregnant with me she and my Dad went to see James Taylor in concert and I always said that was my first concert. I went on to love James Taylor and even danced to one of his songs with my Dad on my wedding day. MK and I always see Train when they come to Pittsburgh and we were thrilled to see that they were touring with OAR which was the first concert we went to together 10 years ago. We were lucky enough to catch picks from both bands and decided to make it a part of Theo's room. 


So what is from where? The crib and changing table is from Restoration Hardware, chair is Amazon, Ottoman is Bed Bath and Beyond, customized crib sheet from Carousel Designs (we have two more too), closet from IKEA, and last but not least the curtains are custom made by my Mom. Thanks Mom!!!


One month ago today I was preparing to be induced at midnight. I cleaned my house, had lunch with my best friend, and complained to her and MK that my Braxton Hicks were driving me crazy. Little did I know I was actually in labor and by 5pm we realized we better start timing my contractions. By 8 o'clock we were in the hospital four hours early. What are the odds of him coming on the day he was supposed to?

Being a Mom is already the most rewarding thing I've ever done. Thank you for stopping by and checking out Theo's room.