Very Fast Tuesday Tips

Good Morning Beauties!

Since no one really likes Tuesdays anyways I thought I would start yours with five very fast styling tips to put in your back pocket for when you need them.

1. When you don't know what shoe works, nude will.

2. Never worry about the size on the tag. Who cares? All designers cut differently and you are beautiful. If it fits, buy it.

3. Wear one "trend" at a time.

4. Own a fantastic and comfortable pair of flats and make sure they are versatile.

5. Outfit meltdown? Rock all black, it's slimming and everyone looks good in it.  

I'll tell you right now when I feel like nothing works and everything is awful I immediately reach for black, pearls, and a red lip. This combo literally solves all my problems. Or at least makes the dragons easier to slay.


Enjoy your day!