Style And A Martini

Ahhhh Friday! Basically the best day of the week and for many of us its a three day weekend. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about personal style as I am always trying to cultivate mine. So let's talk some quick tips to know your style.  

Find your inspiration  

For me, it's Olivia Palermo every time. Her style truly speaks to me. She's classic and fearless at the same time. Browsing on Pinterest is overflowing with inspiration! Now find go find your style spirit animal. 

Pick 5

Items that is. Five favorite pieces from your wardrobe that make you truly happy. For me, it's my feather wrap, floral palazzo pants, black Louboutin's, white cape, and my black scarf from DKs Style Hut. I could almost put them in one outfit, haha. 

Be You

Yes, it's great to stay on top of fashion and trends but when it comes down to it, trust your instincts. Wear what you like. It would be such a shame to wear something you didn't feel good in.

Side note. These martini glasses were an early birthday gift from my Aunt. You put them in the freezer and they keep your drink cold!

I hope everyone has an amazing Memorial Day weekend! Wear something sassy!