Those Lashes!

I have always had this way of looking at things like "Maybe I can do that". No matter what it is. Be it a dish I eat at a restarunt or even a top I see in the store. I always think that maybe I can make it. No idea where this way of thinking comes from but I've always had it. While on Pinterest one day I saw that super cute tee with the eyelashes and immediately thought "I should try that". So here is my very quick and easy DIY for the Eyelash Tee. You only need a few things.



  • Tee shirt paint
  • White (or whatever color you desire) tee shirt
  • Your painting tool of choice, I chose a sponge type of brush because I wanted a whimsical feathered look. 
  • A ruler to mesure where your lashes should be

I like to think I have a little bit of an artsy side to me so I freehanded the lashes on the shirt so I could make them extra full and dramatic.  

Let it dry and throw together your outfit! 


This is a fast outfit because you can't go wrong with a white tee, jeans, bright pumps, and an awesome clutch.

Shoes are from JustFab...of course.

Shoes are from JustFab...of course.

Have a fabulous Thursday! We are so close to the Holiday Weekend!