Raid His Closet

The past couple weeks have been INSANE! I haven't been able to tell which way is up or down. Between some very hectic weekends and having been out of town a lot lately it's been pretty hard to keep up with life at the moment. Alright, done complaining.

Sometimes I feel a little blah when picking out outfits. Especially since the very major closet reno hasn't started yet. So every once in a while I venture into MK's closet to see what I can incorporate into an outfit. It could be a cozy tee with jeans and heels or more of a dressed up take. Either way menswear can be super fun. 

My look is pretty feminine so I added that in too, hence my red bows. I went with suspenders but you can add a tie or even both depending on what you're going for. As far as hats go I obviously love them. Like I said before "hat" was my first word. I feel that in this moment it's important to say that, even though he probably has 25 fedoras, I wore them before MK did. Having said that, he looks better in them than I do. Ha! Also stripes forever!

So what are you waiting for? Go raid his closet! 

Also have a fabulous Monday!