A Happy Closet

An organized closet is a happy one. I always say that my mood reflects my dressing room. If it's messy my life feels messy. Here are a few quick tips to get and stay organized. This time of year I always switch out my spring/summer wardrobe to fall/winter. Since I was off for two days in a row (never happens!) over Labor Day that is just what I did. Here is a little closet organizing 101.

There are three options that I would stick with:

By Color- All of my clothes that are hanging go from light to dark. That way, you can make choices quickly and when it comes time to put them away it's also rather quick.

By Season- If you have the space, it's pretty ideal to rotate your clothes according to season. That way, everything you are currently wearing is in one place. For me, I still pack away the season I am not wearing because I don't like for my clothes to be so smooshed in.

By Type- Pants with pants, blazers with blazers and so on. This is where if you are a little OCD it will make you very happy. Combine like with like and by color!

I like my money right where I can see it...hanging in my closet.
— The Fabulous Carrie Bradshaw