The Purrrfect Clutch

It's no secret that I'm mildly obsessed with leopard prints. But, I am typically pretty picky when it comes to the print. There are some really bad kinds of leopard prints out there. I've been searching for an over sized leopard clutch for what feels like forever.  This beauty was one of MK's birthday gifts to me. It's pretty large and can fit a lot in it. When I don't have my normal everyday totes I like having something a little less bulky. The wonderful thing is that it works with jeans or dresses. Leopard print is a beautiful thing.

To touch briefly on the dress, it is a fabulous summer piece to just throw on and run out the door. Every woman should have at least 5-10 effortless dresses that you feel great in and can be ready in five minutes. This one is from New York & Co. They are the perfect place to find your staples.