Beautiful Blooms

It might have started as a rainy day but it is absolutely gorgeous out today! After all, April showers bring May flowers!  Hey, as long as it isn't snow am I right Northerners?

Nothing says "welcome" more than fresh flowers in your home. When it comes to my house I like to not fuss too much with arrangements and let the flowers for the most part do their own thing. It looks more natural and elegant that way. Also, I'd never want to host a party and have my floral's doing all the talking. I like for them to look graceful and add style to the decor, not take away from it. 

Everyone wants their beautiful blooms to last forever, at least I do. But you'll get more time out of them if you cut your stems on a diagonal and change your water daily. Another tip that I have recently heard is add a little vodka in your water and smash the tip of the stem. 

I thought it would be helpful for you to know what flowers are in season in the Spring so here are a few. Peonies, tulips, freesia, cherry blossoms, orchids, roses, and one of my most favorites the hydrangea. I love this one so much I had them everywhere at my wedding. This week in the Kilgore House I chose pretty pink-purple roses. When it comes to roses I like the stems short. It's also nice for dinner because you can see who is across from you. 

Isn't it wonderful that Spring is here?