Military Dress

Just as you, I am also very excited for Spring to arrive. I mean come on it has been one cold winter, right?! I simply can't wait to do my bi-yearly dressing room transformation. I look forward so much to taking everything in my closet from Winter to Spring. Having said that, this is the perfect opportunity to wear some of your favorite pieces that you will dearly miss as the weather warms up. For me I always miss my faux fur, actually I'm wearing some as I type this. 

There are a lot of things happening in this photo. First, I am combining two trends for Spring and the first is the shirt dress which is everywhere this season and so is military green. Second, I am wearing some things that I'll miss when the new season arrives. My high boots which have been a staple this winter and my faux fur and feather vest. Call this a transition outfit as it had a little of both seasons. Also, can this snow please leave so we can frolic into Spring?!