Snazzy Stripes

Well, here we are in the middle of July and there are two words stuck in my head.. Fall Fashion. This is the time of year when all that are into fashion start getting very excited. Now, I love summer, pretty dresses, flip flops, and showing off my pedicure but every year I get so excited for the new trends that are to come this Fall. This is always when I start collecting pieces for the upcoming fashion season. Did I just order boots? You bet. 

As for now, I'll continue to enjoy the breezy summer style. I love a flouncy floral skirt with a stripped shirt! Pair that with a navy and pink color scheme and you are in business for the perfect summer outfit. 

Here is a little tip about wearing stripes: If you are taller stick with bigger stripes, if you are more petite go with smaller stripes. But really, don't worry too much about them, they don’t make much of a difference to perceived height and weight.