So Much Good

This is one of my favorite looks in a long time because so many things came together perfectly.  First, my high boots, they are for sure my current favorite cold weather shoe. Did I buy them in tan too, you ask? Of course. Next is my leopard coat,  I've been searching and searching for the perfect one and last month I found it. The length is perfect for my height and the print is on point. Then of course the denim. Even though you can only see a little bit of them, they are amazing skinny jeans from DK's Style Hut. They are like a hug for your legs. Last, but certainly not least the gloves. A staple piece for any woman's wardrobe! Another Kate Spade-izim said when traveling to Rome one must pick up bright colored leather gloves. Well naturally that is exactly what I did. Since green is my color that is what I chose. This is an effortless feel good look that I recommend to any girl out on the town.