Live Well, Travel Often!

One thing I was a little sad about was due to our tons of walking and it also being Winter in Europe, I usually had on a coat and boots. But alas, I survived. Pictured below is "The Louvre " which as I'm sure you know houses the Mona Lisa and other famous works of art. 

These delicious meals were from an adorable cafe down the street from our hotel. MK had lasagna and I went with some Penne. It was just fabulous to say the least. 

As far as shows go it was between The Moulin Rouge or The Crazy Horse. We decided on The Crazy Horse and it was such an amazing show! So well done and extremely entertaining. We and our champagne sure did have a blast. 

In the first 10 minutes of us deciding to go to Paris I immediately started goggling the flagship Louboutin store. I knew in my heart I must go! And go we did. It was a beautiful store that was more like a shoe museum with a huge shoe Ferris wheel to boot (sorry not pictured, that may have screamed tourist). But, I purchased a gorgeous pair of classic black heels that I'll certainly have forever. You'll be seeing a lot of those.

This is actually a mall called Galleries Lafayette!! Most certainly the most beautiful one I have ever witnessed! One entire floor was lingerie alone. Which was definitely my first stop. 

When in Paris one must simply go to the Eiffel Tower! It was a pretty chilly day to be going to the top but that's exactly what we did. Even with the wind the sights were out of this world. Also, I wouldn't be me if I didn't get some Eiffel Tower Wine at the bottom!

Then it was off to Amsterdam. It was quite funny to go from the ever so chic Paris to the more grungy Amsterdam. A beautiful city nonetheless.  We drank lots of beer and enjoyed walking the cobblestone streets hand in hand having no place in particular to be. 

As you know, I'm such a Foodie by nature so sampling all the foods along the side streets is always something my soul just leaps for joy at the chance to do. This tasty bite was an onion and cheese number, yum. 

Both being fans of Heineken, we thought it was only right to tour the brewery. Afterward we obviously went and had some of this famous brew. Along with this beer, the new land we were in is also known for their French Fries with a Garlic Mayo. Again, pretty delicious. 

Yes, these were as amazing as they look! A signature food of Amsterdam is waffles, any way you want them! Mine was melted raspberry chocolate with ice cream and MK's was frozen. Both delicious. 

We had another perfect trip to Europe and were so blessed to be able to go back after our last trip five months ago! Traveling can clear the mind, put everything into perspective and give you great life experiences. So stop going to the same place you go every year and go somewhere you've never been, meet new people and take life in. It has a lot to offer.

If you would like to see all the photos from our trip check out our flickr site: