Comfort Food At It's Best

I've been a little off the grid lately as I've been under the weather. But I'm a glass half full kind of Gal and I decided to put a positive spin on the dreaded summer cold and make myself some ooey gooey comfort food. A couple of nights ago like a good Husband does, MK made me a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich. It hit the spot so much that I wanted to make another the following night. I wanted to switch it up so my brain automatically goes to gourmet. Gourmet Pesto Grilled Cheese?! Perfect!! I just so happened to have fresh from the garden tomatoes (thanks Dad!) just sitting on my counter needing to be used. This just might be my new favorite and the good news is that it's so easy!

All you do is put the pesto of your choice on each side of the bread (I used fresh Italian from the bakery), cut up some tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, I put mine in a Panini press but you can do it stove top as well. It's quick, easy, and so delicious!