Fast Summer Food Hacks

It’s almost Summer so that means all the delicious summer food we’ve been waiting for! I thought I would share three of my favorite summer food hacks that make life just a tad easier. Today it’s all about watermelon, corn on the cob, and fresh herbs.

Who isn’t obsessed with watermelon this time of year? I eat it constantly but always dreaded cutting it up.  

1. The easier way to cut watermelon:

Just cut it in half, and on the rind side make four long slices that don’t quite go all the way through. Then, make horizontal and vertical slices on the watermelon side and scoop out the inside.


I so deeply love salads and eat them all year round but when it comes to meal prepping sometimes it’s hard to keep the lettuce fresh. 

2. Put a paper towel over your lettuce and cover it with plastic wrap and it will stay fresh for a week!


I cook (and make drinks) with lemons and limes all the time so this super fast food hack has made such a difference!

3. Roll your fruit with the palm of your hand back and forth and then put lemons or limes in the microwave for 15 seconds before juicing to get more juice.  


Few things are better than corn on the cob this time of year but I absolutely hate to shuck corn. It takes too long and it’s so messy! Years ago, a friend of ours showed me this trick with corn and I never went back.

4. Cut the end off the corn and pop it in the microwave for three minutes per corn. The silk and everything will slide right off.  


 I hope these summer food hacks help you out this season by getting on with you cooking or hosting faster!


The Hands Behind Your Plate

Today is my first "Perfectly Plated" that doesn't involve a recipe. I absolutely love doing recipes but the whole point of this segment was to bring you more than fancy fast recipes. While on vacation I got to thinking about how The Keys are very known for their food. I mean you basically can't get a bad meal. So I thought about the hands that create this amazing food and where they have been but more importantly what they've learned. When I was in hair school one of my teachers said you always have to keep learning or else you'll go stale. I took that and used it in all aspects of my life ever since.


I decided to interview a couple people in the restaurant industry so see what they've learned while making people happy with the food served. The first Chef I spoke with was Vinny from Mangia, Mangia a Pasta Café in Old Town, Key West. He was kind enough to talk to my in the middle of the dinner rush. Originally from Los Angeles he's been a Chef for 15 years. I asked him what was the one thing he has learned in his many years of being in the industry.

I would have to say I totally agree with what he said.


Next, was Castaways because I needed Sushi in my life. There is no better place for sushi than in The Keys! So fresh and so delicious! This is Conner and he was serving up the sushi that night. Also very busy and also sweet enough to talk to me. I asked him the same question. What have you learned being in the industry? The first is my favorite but the second means it gets busy and you just have to roll with it. 

Can you even handle the sushi hearts?!


Not that I didn't already have much respect for people in the industry being that I was for years but it was really cool to get their perspective. a lot of times when we go out to eat it's about the food this was a good way to think about a little more.

Happy Wednesday!

Everything is hot and everything is sharp.
— Kai, my Aunt's Boyfriend and has been in the industry for many years

Cottontail Cocktail

Happy Easter Weekend! Hopefully most of you got today off. With that being said, maybe Happy Hour can start a little sooner with this delicious weekend themed dessert and cocktail.  

Let's say you end up in the situation where you need to bring something to Easter dinner. I've got you covered. This super cute and easy dessert will be perfect. First make chocolate pudding in disposable cups if you're on the go or just don't want the clean up. Then add crushed Oreo's (use the chocolate filling ones, not what I used to give more of a dirt effect). To finish this off, using white chocolate with orange food coloring and dip some strawberries in it. Ta da! Make it the night before so that you can have a nice relaxing Eater morning.  

The Cottontail Martini

1.5 oz vanilla vodka

1.5 oz coconut rum

2 oz skim milk

1/2 oz cream of coconut

splash pineapple juice

Chopped coconut and marshmallow for garnish (my marshmallow is m.i.a.)


I used icing to rim the glass and rolled it in coconut. Put everything in the shaker with ice and strain into glass. Cut a small slice in marshmallow and add to glass. Now you're ready to hop right into the weekend. 

I hope all of you enjoy the holiday weekend!