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Travel Attire

My sweet Husband surprised me with a trip to New Orleans for my birthday! It was an absolute blast! This is part one of three posts from our trip.

Back in the days of Camelot and Marilyn, Woodstock and fabulous pillbox hats, traveling was a privilege. Men always wore a tie and ladies never had on "slacks".  Today, however is a very different story. In a time where most are only concerned with comfort, they throw on their baggy sweat pants, dingy tee and jump on the plane.

Now I don't expect any man in a tie, or all ladies in a skirt but I do believe most have gotten a little lax on their travel attire. Jeans and a nice blazer will make all the difference!

Here are my travel outfits.

Dressing well is a form of good manners.
— Tom Ford

A travel tip to you:

See those wheels on my suitcase? They swivel. This is my first set of luggage that does this. For your next luggage purchase, this is the way to go!

 It will change your travel life!!