Layering and Menu's

Me: I am so excited for November!

MK: I know! We are going to have so much more free time!

The cutest lie we ever told ourselves. With a photo shoot every evening, house projects, a huge work load, and closet organizing, I'm totally burnt out. But the show must go on right?

What you need when you're feeling like you might be able to fall asleep standing up, is a cute outfit. Sometimes outfits can feel a little blah so I thought I would give an example of how a little layering can do wonders and add a little pop to an outfit. Also, I'm beyond obsessed with this long sweater. I have it on more than I care to admit.

And now what I've really been spending my time doing. Drinking too much coffee and prepping for Thanksgiving! We closed on our house last year the day before Turkey Day so I am pretty excited to be hosting my favorite holiday this year.

Stay tuned for some Fast Tips on all things Thanksgiving!