National Lipstick Day

Martini Time

Honestly how is it already Friday??? It would be true to say that this week has been a complete catch up week. Between shoots, work, and closet construction talk (construction starts next week, eeeek!) it's been nonstop! So I'm going to take a second and use this Martini Moment to talk about the things I'm totally loving this week. First is Harim Pants! Gah! These fab gold ones are so amazing and I've had them for a bit and finally whipped them out to head to a shoot. Call it my Fall sneak peek, but get yourself a pair like now. These beauties are from Zara. 

Now let's talk jewelry. First, this Kendra Scott necklace is everything! I love the pearl color it goes with everything and I love the legnth. Next this Simbi bracelet  is also a fab white color that goes well with a stacked look or alone and a lot of the proceeds go to giving water and jobs to Haiti. 

And also...

Happy National Lipstick Day!


Pucker Up!

Happy National Lipstick Day! 

Not only is today a day for celebrating lipstick and all its wonders, today also marks eight years that my sweet Husband and I have been together. Seems like yesterday I was so excited to be on a date at the zoo when MK asked me to be his girlfriend. Eight years sure has flown by.

Back to lipstick. By now you know me, I'm all about red lips. In honor of this fabulous holiday I'm sharing my go-to lip color. It's Rouge Coco by Chanel 440 Arthur. I am completely in love with this shade as it's my bright red. It lasts long too which is an extra bonus.

Let's talk tips and tricks shall we?

  • Before applying, use a toothbrush to gently exfoliate lips to remove any dead skin
  • When I put my foundation on I include my lips in the application too. It will keep the lip color from feathering. 
  • Line all of your lips with liner before putting it on. This is the most important tip.
  • Always make sure you won't get lipstick on your teeth. Wrap your lips around your pointer finger and pull it out. 
  • Translucent powder can be your best friend. Once you are done applying, hold a Kleenex over your lips and dust some of that powder and it will make your lipstick stay so much longer. 
  • So let's say it's the end of the day and you dash into your house and basically rip off your shirt accidentally getting bright red lipstick on your favorite shirt. Have no fear, as long as it's not dry clean only, spray some hairspray on the stain, let it sit, and then toss it in the washer. Simple as that.

Even though it's only the middle of the week I say we all have some champagne in honor of the beloved "Lipstick Day"!


If you’re sad, add lipstick and attack.
— Coco Chanel