Spicy Friday

Happy Cinco De Mayo Eve!!  

If there is a better way to kick it off then I don’t know it. I love a good margarita but sometimes I feel like there needs to be a little something else. Playing with drinks is always so much fun for me. Must be my inner bartender. 

This margarita packs the most delicious punch. Perfect for CINCO DE MAYO! Its simple to make too.

What you need: 
What you do:

 Middle two thin slices of jalapeño in your shaker with lemon, lime, and simple syrup. Add in the 1800, Triple Sec, and some ice. Shake and strain into a margarita glass. Garnish with cucumber, jalapeño, and lime. 

For the rim: 

I used salt, chili pepper and sugar. 


Cheers everyone! Have a fantastic weekend!