A Good Start

Many have started the year out on a diet or just trying to improve their lifestyle. Sometimes eating healthy can be really daunting and don't know where to start. This is a really good option that I've been just loving. On Sundays I always meal prep mostly because I have to have everything ready to eat at a moments notice when Theo falls asleep. I wanted to share with you what I've been eating for lunch lately. This dish is a great go-to as you can switch up the ingredients to make it what you like. 

As you can see I used:

Cherry Tomato's




Red Onion



I love simple recipes! Feel free to tweak this as you see fit. That's the best part it's super versitile! Swap the shrimp to chicken or steak for your protein or the Quinoa for brown rice. I'm currently not eating meat so that's why you'll be seeing more meatless and seafood in my recipes here.  


So if you don't know exactly what do to first with healthy eating this is a pretty good place to start.  

Enjoy your Tuesday!