What's Old Is New

Cheers to Friday everyone! We made it!

At the end of this hard yet wonderful week, Mamma needs a drink! I have a whole new appreciation for stay at home Moms. I wouldn't give it up for the world but holy cow. Hats off to you who tend to the kids all day. When my Apple Watch says I've taken 15,000 steps I believe it because by 8pm I'm a total zombie that probably has baby puke on her. But that's totally okay with me. 

Nothing is better than celebrating Friday than with a new delicious drink recipe! One thing that MK and I love to do is sit in our bar and make different kinds of drinks. He's a total Bourban Buff so he asked me to find a drink to make with Rye Whiskey. I happily obliged since when we went on our whiskey trip last March I really liked Rye. Now that whiskey has become "trendy" again this drink is anything but old news. We made Rye Old Fashioneds and talked the night away. 


Rye Old Fashioned

(makes 2 drinks)

- 2 sugar cubes

- 10 dashes of bitters

- 4 orange peels

- 4 shots Rye whiskey

Drop sugar cubes into martini shaker, add bitters and muddle until almost dissolved. Add ice, two orange peels and whiskey and stir. Strain into glasses and garnish with leftover orange peels. 

We hope you like this recipe as much as we did! Have a wonderful weekend!