Feelin' French

Hello and happy Friday! Finally! Right? Which means it's time for my Martini Moment!

Being French is quite an obsession in the U.S. right now that's for sure. There are all of these books on how to be Parisian, what the French think, French beauty secrets. Don't get me wrong I love France, I've been to different parts and loved them all. But, the one thing I thought the entire time while there is "How are you so skinny but eating a baguette out of your handbag?!". 

I've been missing Europe a lot lately so today I'm sharing five major yet simple French women rules and of course a French cocktail!

1) Find your perfume by the time you are 30 and wear it forever! Mine? Co Co Mademoiselle hands down.

2) This is my favorite. Always wear good lingerie...just in case.  

3) Rock stripes as often as possible!

4) Have a great and chic pair of flats.

5) Be a lifelong learner. Always look for new things to learn, be intellectually rich.

Now on to this absolutely delicious martini! Seriously try it! All you do is take the first three parts and mix it in a mixer of ice. Then, just top with sparkling wine. Maybe add some berries. So perfect!

Cheers! Have a wonderful weekend!