More Is More

...and less is a bore right? That's what Iris Apfel says and she is basically my idol so I'm going with it.

It's no secret that I love my Target stops. It's so therapeutic to grab a Starbucks and float around buying things you don't need. That was not the case when I saw this almost perfect fall vest. I was in love! But it needed something...

I mentioned in pervious posts that my Mom is a costume designer/seamstress by trade, so after texting a pic of these vests to my bestie, telling her she needed them too, Mom was my obvious next call.

Me: Mom I need ostrich feathers.

Mom: Do you think I just have those laying around?

Me: Yes. I desperately need them for a vest.

Mom: I have them. Stop here.

 Off to my Mom's work I went where she totally saved the day by adding my feathers. I mean how cute is she? Look at that plan of attack in her eyes! I've always felt very lucky to have a Mom who is always adding a little more sparkle to my life.


The moral of this story is that nothing has to stay the way it is. Always look for a way to make something more even if just slightly.

Happy Labor Day!

I hope it greets you with a day of relaxing and a drink in your hand.