Patio Perfection

A very happy July to you!

July is an amazing month, fireworks, parties, sunshine, and not to mention the month I met my Husband (I can't even believe this month marks nine years together, geesh!). So for today's Martini Moment lets talk patio.

We are gearing up for our annual 4th party and normally we are ready to go but, with a new house and new patio things are a tad different this year. Due to the locust infestation it would be an understatement to say I haven't really been outside since they appeared and because of that, we are a little late in getting our patio up and running.

Here is a speedy way to clean your patio cushions:

  • Remove cushions
  • Scrub with 1 qt water and a dash of Dawn
  • Rinse with hose
  • Let dry in sun (while you do other things that need tended to)
  • Spray with Scotch guard

A clean patio is a happy one. I know, I know, cleaning is no fun. But you know what helps? A delicious martini, of course!

Happy Friday, happy long weekend! Have a fabulous 4th!