Look Ahead

I am always trying to learn new and useful things and want to share them with you over a martini on Fridays but today's Martini Moment is more like a "no duh" moment that I had. Since I was talking so much about being prepared, on Sunday I told myself I would pick out three to four outfits in advance. I'm not going to lie there have been way too many times through the week where I'm running around like a loon because my outfit wasn't right or I couldn't decide. So why haven't I been doing this for like ever? Great question. I don't know, but guys, it's life changing. Especially If you're always on the go like me.

From the time I wake up at 6:00am I have exactly three hours and 15 minutes to make MK breakfast, workout, take the dogs out twice, make myself breakfast, shower and get ready, look nice and get out the door. Having chosen my outfits on Sunday I swear I'm so much more relaxed and even though I'm still movin' fast, the outfit is no issue. I sure will be adding this to part of my Sunday routine.

So there it is. I really have learned that the more prepared you are for the week the less stressed you'll be and I'll drink to that. 

I hope all of you have a great Easter weekend!