Keeping It Together

Happy Spring!!! 

Could that be any more exciting? I didn't think so! Snow? What snow?

Along with relaxing on Sunday's I also love to plan out my week. Trust me, making lists relaxs me to the core.  I always like to know exactly what I'm cooking for dinner and have everything I need for each recipe. So I usually grocery shop on Sunday's too. Another relaxing task for me believe it or not. 

If I had any advice for the busy woman on the go it would be to get your act together in advance. It really brings peace of mind to know what's for dinner and what you have going on. Get yourself a beautiful planner that you like to look at and notebook for inspirations along the way. With a new season brings a new planner for me. A recent trip out of town last week lead to a pretty amazing shopping trip with my Sis-In-Law. I found this amazing planner, paper, and notebook. 

Get the goods here:  Notebook  &  Planner

Get the goods here: Notebook & Planner

This Spring is going to be my most organized ever.

So lets talk some tips to keep it all together. 

  • Get out your favorite cookbook or pull up some cool recipes on Pinterest and plan at least three meals (if your the cook in the house) so that you have at least an idea of whats on the menu that evening and you are prepaired.  
  • Staying on the food track, make your lunch the night before. 
  • Priortize. Look at your schedule for the upcoming week. See if you have any deadlines or important meetings and make sure you have everything together for that.  
  • On Sunday's I always clean out my handbag. Get rid of reciepts and papers that you don't need and file the rest. Add anything you think you might need for the next day.  
  • Polish your nails Sunday evening so that's one less thing to worry about the next day. 

I hope you have a relaxing and productive Sunday!

This week lets really aim to enjoy the little things, shall we?