Foodie For Life

Today, I am sharing my two favorite food recipes from the past year. First, is obviously Brunch. Are these mini Caesar Salads not to die for?! They are easy, delicious and nice to look at. 

Just make a normal Caesar salad (just chop a little finer), spoon it on to Ritz crackers and top with bacon and a little parm cheese.  

Just in time for Valentines Day adorable heart shaped bacon! Again, simple and pretty to look at. Shape the bacon into hearts and put them on a baking sheet, then toss them in the oven until desired crispness. 

Heart bacon, mini salads, mimosas. This, my friends is why Brunch is King.

Changing pace a little to the "Beautiful Burrito Bowl".  You can check out the step by step here:

Quick, healthy and delicious all rolled into one.

Happy eating friends!