In Vino Veritas

Which is Latin for "in wine, truth". 

That's one of my favorite sayings. Ha! Today's "Martini Moment" is all about wine! My typical drink of choice. I'm talking wine because next week is Thanksgiving already! So if you're hosting or just need a few good options to take to the hostess I've made you a cheat sheet. Wine selections can be very complicated which can leave you in the wine aisle blankly staring off into space.   

It's no secret that I am a red wine drinker but more specifically Spanish wine, nothing like a Rioja for me. But if you aren't certain of where to go with a red stick with a Bordeaux or Merlot. They are both in the middle of light and juicy and heavy or full bodied.  

Now for white wines, stick with a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. Same goes for these, right in the middle. If all else fails and you still just aren't sure, grab a semi-dry champagne. 

Fast Tip: Sometimes it can be hard to know how much wine to have on hand. If you are hosting Thanksgiving or even just a larger party, buy eight bottles per 12 adults. Four bottles of red and four white.