Perfectly Pressed

Happy Friday All! We've made it through another week! 


Okay, for today's Martini Moment I am talking about a very serious life hack. Two things I have always hated to do was unload the dishwasher and iron. I mean it's the worst especially ironing. At one point my Mom got me wrinkle release spray. It was a life saver as I'm always on the go. BUT get this. You can make your own, even if you happen to be three martinis in. Its so quick and so easy here is all you need:

Spray Bottle

Fabric softener


Seriously that's it. Then just mix 1 Tbsp of softener and 1 cup water. Shake it. Spray and tug out the wrinkles. The end. Now I guess I'm off to try and find a robot that unloads the dishwasher.

Fast tip:  If you iron a button down shirt inside out it comes out perfect!