Luscious Lashes

Get ready to bat those eyes pretty ladies. Today's Fast Tip is all about the lashes and how to make them perfect. Here are a couple lash hacks that will do wonders! Sometimes when I am professionally doing makeup my clients will say "Wow I've never thought of that!" so I figured why not share some of my tips?

Right when you start doing your makeup put your mascara in hot water. It will come out more liquid and not clumpy.


Don't underestimate lash primer. Its worth it. Here is a great one:  

If you don't have any, dust powder in between coats of mascara so that they will look even longer.

If you are rocking faux lashes but don't want a full on Kim Kardashian look all you have to do is cut the full lash in half and apply it to just the ends.

Many don't realize that you should coat the top and bottom of your lashes for more va-va-voom.

For this Tuesday, I hope your coffee is strong and your lashes are long! xoxo