Carefree Color Combos

A kimono is the perfect summer piece to have in your closet. I was drawn to this one because of the colors and built this outfit around it. Bright colors are so much fun which is why I am also a huge fan of bright colored pants. One of the best things about fashion is all the fun you can have  playing with colors. 

Lets talk accessories. Nothing compliments a having-a-bad-hair-day messy side bun like a pretty headband. I have plenty of these for such occasions. These earrings are my favorites. They are Swarovski and are of course from Joyce's Jewelry. This necklace is my own creation per say. You'll get a closer look at that later. 



Fast Tip Tuesday

The next time you are doing a little wardrobe shopping keep the color wheel in mind. Sometimes you just look at an outfit and think how fantastic it looks, but don't really think about why that is. The color wheel basically applies to everything in life; clothes, hair, makeup, etc. But, when I was in hair school I really started paying attention to it.

Here is a Fast 101 on the wheel:

  • Colors that compliment each other. For this you'll go from one side to the exact opposite. Think teal and tangerine.
  • Analogous colors. A mouth full right? But so easy, just pick a color say green like my pants and the color to the right or left. Like my blue cami. Colors that are similar have a very harmonious look.