Perfect Patio Plants

A big sigh of relief that it is that time of year to be outside!  Well for me that only really extends to the patio. My fabulous "warm weather glass" that says "I'm outdoorsy in that I like to get drunk on patios" really sums me up. MK knows me well. 

Anywho, since I like many others love my patio I wanted to give you a sneak peak at mine and share some plants that grow well on them. Every year MK and I make our little slice of heaven filled with plants and flowers. There is nothing better than spending 12+ hours shooting a wedding to come home to a lush, cozy patio where the wine is flowing. Right, back to plants. Here is a list of the ones you just need on your outdoor lounging area:



Herbs- Although not colorful they are one of my favorites because I'll cook with them. My favorites to have on hand are mint, rosemary, always always basil. But create your own favorite mix and have a reason to throw some chicken on the grill make some rosemary chicken for dinner.

Clematis- This brings back memories (as do herbs) of my childhood and I just love to look at them. I always have them growing up one of the posts of my patio. Just wrap a string around the post so that they have something to hold on to.

Citronella- Is there anything more annoying than mosquito's when you are attempting to enjoy the outdoors and your drink? A Citronella plant will keep those nasty little buggers away. Maybe get two.

Below, is my favorite flower on the patio wall. It's small, colorful and adorable!