Love Your Snack

Staying healthy has always been important to me but sometimes being so busy doesn't make that easy. What is easy is grabbing whatever you see in front of you and running. If you are dieting or simply trying to maintain a healthy weight snacking is an essential part of that. After eating breakfast of course. Seriously eat those eggs!! In order to keep you metalobisom going you need to eat every 3-4 hours. This is a "rule" I live by. 

A few years ago I came across Nature Box and a new love was found. Once a month, all you have to do is choose your snacks from a plethora of options and BOOM they come right to your door! No need to ever think about it again let alone go to the store and deal with it.  I always have a bag of delicious goodies at home, in my desk at work, and usually in my current handbag. 

For a gal on the go this has made my life so much easier because I always have a healthy and satisfying snack to grab. Gotta love when I have a fast bite at my fingertips. My current favorite? Asiago Cheese Crisps. To die for!

Check Nature Box out for yourself here: