Soak The Day Away

Sunday's are for long baths...


What a perfect way to spend this snowy Sunday! Since I was young one of my favorite things in the whole world was to take a bath. Well that hasn't changed. To me there is nothing better than grabbing a bottle of champagne and soaking the day away. So when I find a way to further improve this moment to relax I jump on it.  

To make your next bath even more amazing, just add these three things for the best detox ever:

Handful of Epsom salts

1/2 baking soda

10 drops essential oil


Here are some great choices for oils and the affect they have:

Lavender & Eucalyptus - Calming
Peppermint- Will wake you up!
Chamomile & Rosemary- For a headache


Now go enjoy your Sunday!