Start Fresh, With Style

Happy New Year Beauties!


To say the end of 2014 was busy would be a monumental understatement. Hence my little blog vacation. Us Kilgore's have had a lot on our plate as of late but I am feeling rejuvenated and so ready to welcome 2015 with open arms and freshly manicured fingers. So, let start it with style shall we? Here are some fashion and beauty tips, dos and don't's and some things you absolutely need in your closet right now. Let's make this the best year yet! 

Fashion Tips

1) Lets keep exercise clothes for actual exercising. Now I know we've all been guilty of this here and there but if you are planning to run errands after you workout, pack a gym bag.  


2) Even though Marsala is the color of the year that doesn't mean you have to wear it constantly. You know the colors that look good on you but every now and again buy something that is out of your color pallet comfort zone (try it on first of course). 

3) Hand wash your good lingerie. It might take more time but it is well worth it to keep your La Perla's in good condition. 

4) Invest in shape wear no matter your size. It will smooth everything out and pull you in just the right amount. 

5) Have something that is your signature no matter what the current trend is. For me? It's always been huge over sized sunglasses. I just love how exaggerated they are! 

Make Up Tips

1) Clumpy mascara? A few drops of Visine will do the trick. But better get new soon. Same with nail polish. If you just NEED you color for a few more swipes add some acetone. Only a few drops and it will extend the life of your beloved polish.  

2) Speaking of those lashes, when you curl them put a blow dryer on you eyelash curler for like 3 seconds and it makes all the difference. 

3) When applying your foundation add a little bit of liquid highlighter in and it will give you a fresh glow. This is one of my staples I do everyday. 

4) If you are using a powder eye shadow and want a brighter more intense color, just wet your brush. Not only does it add more pop to the color it actually makes it stay on longer.  

5) Before applying lipstick I always put foundation on my lips and let it dry. This makes it stay longer and prevents it from feathering.  



Skin Tips

1) NEVER skip the SPF

2) Jennifer Aniston is correct. The more water you drink the better your skin looks. 

3) If you don't have one down, start a skin routine for morning and night. Remember, never go to sleep with make up on unless you plan to die in your sleep. 

4) No tanning beds! Try different faux tanners if you're looking to be a little darker. As I've said "Fake Bake" is my favorite.

5) It is never too early to start anti aging. Moisturize!! And don't forget your neck! 


Do's and Don'ts

1) A major don't! Please don't confuse leggings with pants! But do rock some crazy print leggings as they are so en Vogue right now. Just make sure that if they are indeed leggings, they cover your tush! 

2) Do pick an era that you relate to that inspires your look, but don't over do it. You don't want to look like you belong in 1960, that isn't stylish its just a little weird. Put your own twist on it.

3) Do love the belt. No matter your figure it can enhance it like you wouldn't believe. Anything that is over sized throw on a belt and cinch your waist and you've got a new outfit.  Also, learn to tie them different. Don't worry belt post coming soon!

4) Do find a designer that speaks to you. Years ago I was in what I call a Michael Kors rut. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this designer but then I ventured out of my very comfortable MK box and discovered Kate Spade. My absolute favorite. I'm so glad I went looking for something fresh.

5) Do buy things you truly love, not things you think you need.  Don't buy something you aren't crazy about just because it's "in". 

The secret being a well dressed woman is a well-stocked closet. This doesn't happen immediately but putting the right staple pieces in place will make for effortless styling in the morning and when you are on the go.

Staples for 2015

1) A chambray button down

2) A chic pair of flats


3) A cross body bag for when you don't need your big handbag. Perfect for running errands too!

4)  I've said it before. A classic stripped shirt. Dress it up with a scarf or statement necklace or down with skinnies and flats.

5) A black, white (or cream), and a bold colored blazer. My favorite is red. 

6) Cami's in basically every color.

7) The perfect suit. Mine is pale pink and I always wear it the first day of Spring. 


8) A favorite scarf. I've become quite a collector of scarves over the years as I think they just add to much to an outfit. But I still have a favorite. I take it every time I travel, and wear it no matter what the season. With subtle ivory and tan stripes it quite literally goes with anything I pack in my suitcase.  

9) A Midi skirt. Wear it with a crop top, button down, or tuck in a pretty top. The possibilities are endless and this look is so classic, yet still versatile. 

10) A fun graphic tee! Being a very serious Gossip Girl fan and an even bigger fan of Chuck and Blair of course "I'm All About That Bass". Fun fact? A portion of all sales of this tee go towards St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  Go Ed Westwick. Fan forever.


Here is a little bonus vocabulary lesson!


It is the portion of the shoe that cuts across your foot at the front.

So, if your shoe has a low vamp it cuts across the base of your toes while a high vamp can come up the foot and even up to the ankle. 

Wear a shoe with a low vamp and it will create a longer look, making you appear a little taller.