On The Go In Monaco!

Today's Stop, Villefranche-Sur-Mer, but that wasn't the only place we visited in this great destination. I sure am glad I had my walking shoes on for this one because we went a little bit of everywhere!

We didn't spend too much time in Villa France at first, we headed directly to the train station and jumped on like a local. I was ready to go to Monaco! This was once place I was just dying to see! The fact that it was involved in the popular TV show "Gossip Girl" may have had something to do with that. It was a breathtaking stop along our venture filled with high end shops and natives on Vespa's.

Of course we stopped for a Mimosa and took a look at all the parked Yachats. Just a fun little fact, Monaco is the second smallest country next to the Vatican City.

Clearly we just couldn't get enough pizza! I mean if ever there was a place to binge on pizza it's Europe. The thin crust and fresh prosciutto was just divine. 

A stop in Monaco meant we had to tour the famous Casino Royal! Room after room was breathtaking, filled with unique paintings and beautiful ceilings, but unfortunately no photos allowed.

As I'm sure you know by now; us Kilgore's are always down for a little photo op! 

Here we are in Nice, France! It was so unique with tiny streets filled with shopping and food venders. We also walked the beautiful stone beach. This was such a unique and beautiful location!

MK is enjoying his very giant beer I'm just thrilled for the fresh and perfectly seasoned olives! Okay and maybe a little ice cream.

Mk admitted that Nice was his favorite stop of the entire trip!! It was a beautiful place that we really fell in love with. Again, for me, getting to be in France was a dream come true. 

Once more being a "Foodie" I was just at a lose for words at the options of more pizza! It was so hard to pick! You can bet that Mk's was not the one topped with fresh arugula.  

Back to Villa France we went and were actually a little sad we didn't spend more time here because it was just such a cool place! We had some drinks, headed back , and smuggled a little Limoncello back on the ship.