My Time, Design Time

When you hear the word design I feel that there are so many different avenues that you can take. I have always been interested in all areas of design. From home design, to fashion design of course it's always been a big part of my life. Even when buying different pieces of clothing I never take that item for face value. I think "how can I improve or make this better?' And I move on to adding something or sometimes taking away.  

Many of you may know my background but for those of you who may be new here, let me give you a quick story of why I have such an interest in design and why I'll continue to. My Mom by trade, is a costume designer and seamstress. Her abilities and talent are amazing. So I grew up watching her make the most beautiful dresses, costumes, and other things along the way. There was never a shortage of feathers, glitter, and all things a little girl would love...and still love. Watching my Mom do what she did make me look at things a different way and come to appreciate design more and more.

I'm always looking to develop and cultivate my own personal way of design and incorporate it into my life to keep the design line alive so that hopefully my kids will down the road also look at things differently and have an appreciation for it.  

So let's get down to it. This is my very very busy time of year and I sometimes need to find a creative outlet to relax. With shooting a wedding every weekend, my day job, a baby on the way, and always trying to improve my hair and make up skills, sometimes I need to take a break just for me. That means project time!  I really love to work with my hands so I wanted a project that would allow me to do that. I decided to make a clutch that can be worn with anything. I love love looove a good pattern and am obsessed with pearls. Obviously it had to include those.

Once I sketched out what I wanted to do, I had my concept and it was off to Hobby Lobby I went. After consulting with my Mom I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing. Not only did this project not take very long, being able to use design and be creative was so soothing for me.

So happy Sunday! I wish you a week of new possibilities and creative vibes!


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Stay Stylish

Now, this is a blog dedicated to being fast while helping keep you stylish, less hungry, and more pretty. On this fine Monday I'm focusing on my rules on staying stylish. There's a common misconception that looking put together takes a lot of time and effort. Maybe thats why we see so many people in their pjs (seriously, stop it).   

Here are six of my go-to style tips to help keep you and your look on point.  


Every Sunday I look at what my week has in store for me and plan out my outfits for each appointment, shoot, or event. 


Always, always, have that one outfit that works no matter what.


Speaking of, don't be afraid to wear the same outfit combination more than once. When you put an outfit together and it just works, keep working it!


Be authentic. I say it all the time. If you hate a trend don't wear it! Personally I'm not about the cold shoulder look. One shoulder sure but I hate the line the off the shoulder look makes.


Please don't wear 30 trends at a time. But one I'm absolutely obsessed with right now is statemenmt earrings!


Don't force your own personal style into a box. You hear a lot of words like feminine when people describe their style and while that may be true for some it doesn't have to be for you. For example my style varies and changes all the time and there isn't anythng wrong with that. I try to just stick with a word. Chic.

Style is much more interesting than fashion. Really.
— Marc Jacobs

Easy Mixin'

Happy Tuesday!

Pregnant or not sometimes putting on clothes feels like the last thing you feel like doing. That's why I am always ready to share an outfit that just works. This is such a good combination when you don't feel like thinking but do feel like looking pretty.

Stripes, leopard print, a pop of color on your feet, and a perfectly stylish bag to elevate the look. This outfit combo can be made into so many different outfits. The possibilities are endless!

Love this bag? Check out ilymix they have some pretty amazing things! Get 10% off when you use this link:

Love this bag? Check out ilymix they have some pretty amazing things! Get 10% off when you use this link:

Hope you all have an awesome and stylish day!