Nailed It

This has been a busy week thus far and I haven't quite been able to get back on my normal manicure schedule. I really needed to get some color on my nails so I decided to give good 'ol Sally Hanson a try with their no light gel manicure.

First, I'm in love with this shade called "Red Eye"(duh).  Second, the coats dry really fast which is what I need no matter what.  Totally have ants in my pants at all times. But lastly, Sally Hanson, it does not last 14 days. I would say a tad longer than normal polish. 

Moral of the story? It's a nice longer lasting polish that is quite perfect when you are in a rush or in between mani's.

Remember Ladies, you are only helpless when your nails are drying.



Fast Tip: the best time to do your at home mani is right after you shower because your cuticles are softer.