Play With Fire

This wasn’t the post that I intended for this week but there was no way I could ignore all the messages I got on Instagram after I posted our V-Day food on my stories. 

Before I get in to this easy and unique recipe I have to first share the story behind it. You may or may not know that we are very big fans of The Florida Keys and have been there many times. One of the first times that MK and I went there, my Aunt (long time resident and food aficionado) introduced us to an amazing Tapas restaurant in Key West called Santiago’s. We quickly fell in love and ordered all the food. 


One of the things we ordered was “Saganaki”. Flaming cheese? Bring it on. We were quite amazed and probably a little drunk when our waiter proceeded to pour alcohol on our dish and light it on fire, adding the perfect singe to the cheese. We asked about this dish and he simply said that it was goat cheese and what he poured on it was Brandy. When in Key West we never miss a stop to this favorite joint of ours.

Fast forward a few years and if you’ve been to a party of ours we usually whip out this easy and fun appetizer. This past Valentines Day we were talking about how we hadn’t made the dish in a while so we did. You guys needed to know what it was and how to make it. So here it is!  

What you need: 

Brandy (don’t get super cheap Brandy it won’t work as well about a $15 bottle will do) 

Goat cheese



What you do:

Press the goat cheese into an oven safe dish and spice it up. I use a ton of spices so have some fun with different flavors.  Then, bake in the oven on 350 for 20 minutes or until bubbly.


Remove from the oven and quickly pour the Brandy all over the dish. 


Light it on fire and enjoy the fun and sizzle. The fire will go out on its own and the booze ads the perfect flavor!.


Serve with crackers, bread, or pita


I’m so glad you guys were into this easy and fun appetizer! And if you ever end up in Key West, do yourself a favor, head in to Santiago’s, order all the food, and drink too much wine. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!